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Horizon Hotel Pet Acceptance Agreement

In Hotel Horizon & Convention Center we warmly welcome your pet:

We invite you to read and respect our guest pet agreement:

  • To leave or enter the hotel facilities you must keep your pet on a leash always, within a short distance from its collar and using a leash in good condition.
  • The pet owner has the obligation of keeping it in the proper hygienic and sanitary conditions.
  • The owner will be responsible for the pet damages caused to the furniture, the hotel staff and other people.
  • We ask you to inform the hotel staff when the pet is not inside the room in order to make the housekeeping.
  • The access of the pet is restricted in closed areas, such as restaurant, event spaces and gym.
  • We ask you to avoid using the dishes, glasses and other utensils of the hotel for your pet. 
  • Pets are only allowed in executive rooms.
  • It is prohibited to shower your pet in the showers of the room or using the hotel towels to dry it.
  • The pet cannot be left alone in the Hotel for any reason.
  • Only ONE pet, small to medium size breed (1.5 kg to 15 kg) is allowed per room.
  • We only have 2 pet friendly rooms in the hotel (Executive Rooms). 
  • The pets must be always under the owner’s supervision.

The aforementioned rules have been set to ensure the safety and order of the hotel and internal staff. In case of disrespecting such rules, Management will be free to suspend any service to the pet owners. 

*Cost per pet is $200.00 MXN per night.


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