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Morelia, Michoacán

Visiting the capital city of Michoacan, Mexico is getting into one of Mexico’s most beautiful colonial cities. Morelia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991 because of the architectural beauty and elegance of its historic center, expressed through lovely renaissance, baroque and neoclassical style buildings.

Throughout your stay in Morelia make some time to take a stroll in the Calzada de Guadalupe, visit the Cathedral, the Acueducto, the Museo Casa Natal de Morelos and don’t forget to include the Callejon del Romance. Plus, in the capital, in addition to a strong colonial ambience, you’ll find modern spots to shop, play golf and make business as in any modern industrial city.

The culinary legacy of Morelia is also worth mentioning. You can’t leave without tasting the traditional Tarasca Soup, the Corundas, Aporreadillo and the delicious Enchiladas Placeras.

What to do in Morelia

  1. Bike tours in downtown Morelia.
  2. Mountain biking in Jesus del Monte and Altozano
  3. Paragliding in Mil Cumbres
  4. Zip line in Zirahuen
  5. Boat tour in Patzcuaro, Zirahuen, Umecuaro and Los Azufres
  6. Tours in the surroundings such as the convents route, Morelia zoo, Cuitzeo Laje.

Morelia Tourist Attractions

  • Church and convent of San Francisco.

This building style is classical and ogee arch windows, which shows an architectural development at various stages. The Franciscans began its construction in 1531 with the chapel.

Located 10 minutes away from the hotel.

  • Morelia Cathedral.

Morelia Cathedral is a religious compound located in the Archdiocese of Morelia of the Catholic Church in Mexico. It is located as the name itself says it in the city of Morelia, capital of Michoacan, Mexico.

Located 10 minutes away from the hotel.

  • Michoacan government palace.

The Government Palace of Michoacán, which is home to the executive branch of the Mexican state of Michoacán de Ocampo, is in the West Madero Avenue between Juarez and Morelos streets, opposite the Cathedral of Morelia, in the heart of the city. It was built between 1760 and 1770.

Located 10 minutes away from the hotel.

  • Michoacan University of San Nicolás.

The Michoacan University of San Nicolas is a public university in the state of Michoacan, located in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico.

  • Main Square.

On Madero Avenue next to the Metropolitan Cathedral, in the first frame of the city it is the Plaza de Armas or Plaza of the Martyrs, drawn as the Plaza Mayor by Juan Ponce in the sixteenth century. Since the seventeenth century it was used as a venue for publicly punish people like Jose Guadalupe Salto and Miguel Gómez, insurgent colonel and pastor of Petatlan respectively, accused of supporting the cause of independence war began in 1810, and other politicians killed in 1830; hence its evocation as a place of “martyrs”. Later, in 1843, it became market and shopping center. During the twentieth century, it underwent several changes in its architectural spaces, currently used as a space for massive, religious and sports civil celebrations. Its central kiosk built in 1887 is designed with diagonal paths, planters, lanterns and benches pilasters quarry around and prepared with this raw material in some of its corners sources.

Located 10 minutes away from the hotel.