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With the care to take care of you

Stay Safe with Us

Special measures for your safety and ours

Because we’re traveling and discovering the magic of Michoacan again, the city of Morelia welcomes you with open arms and most importantly: we do it with safety.

In Horizon Hotel & Convention Center we want you to be able to keep enjoying our hospitality and comfort, living unforgettable experiences. We follow hygiene protocols caring for your health and our as well. That’s why we created With the care to take care of you, Stay Safe with Us, a set of rules approved by safety experts that we’ve implemented in our hotel. The main goal is that our guests, clients, collaborators and providers can keep enjoying our services without worries, as well as reducing the risk of getting coronavirus to the minimum. That’s why, the implementation of these measures can affect the availability of some services.  

The World Travel & Tourism Council has created the Safe Travels stamp, a set of protocols designed under the guidelines of the World Health Organization in order to create a general health policy in our industry. Safe Travels includes specific protocols to apply in the tourism industry, with the main goal of setting common standards in the private sector that guarantee the safety of the work force and travelers as every country or region is added to the “new normal”

Along with the Secretariat of Tourism of Michoacan, both the destination and our hotel got the Safe Travels stamp in August 2020 for complying with the health and hygiene protocols ordered by the World Health Organization (available on https://wttc.org/COVID-19/Safe-Travels-Global-Protocols-Stamp). “We’ve prepared to welcome you so you can have a pleasant and safe stay”.

The Stay Safe with Us program includes the following protocols:

  1. Cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Cleaning of surfaces in communal areas. The disinfection in reception, lobby, hallways, bathrooms, restaurant, terrace & bar, ballrooms and other common areas of the hotel is made following the protocols, using authorized products in the frequency marked by the cleaning measures.

Disinfection of rooms. We use technology and cleaning products of maximum efficacy in every surface, object and decorative element, in addition to applying proved protocols when it comes to washing the fabrics.

Sterilization of kitchen and utensils. Through products and practices that follow the hospitality protocols.

  • Food services adapted to the protocols.

To minimize the risk we’ve adapted our ordering, preparation, delivery, consumption and payment processes.

Certification of providers. We follow the strictest safety protocols in the delivery processes.

Food safety. We minimized the manipulation of products and human contact, both in the preparation and the delivery.

Room service and take out products. The restaurant and room service follow strict safety protocols and only offer a la carte products.

Catering adapted for meetings and events. With new presentation options that minimize the risk, keeping social distancing measures and the required capacities.

  • Social distancing rules.

Our hotel has redesigned the distribution of spaces, applying all the protocols to ease the required social distancing in the interaction with other people.

Safety signage. We’ve created specific banners in every common area of the hotel that remind us the need of keeping social distance.

Redesign of common areas. The furniture has been relocated, following the new law to help customers keep the social distance.

Support from the staff. To help clients and guests to implement these measures in every area.

  • Protocols and personal protective equipment.

We offer our guests, clients, collaborators and providers a set of protection elements throughout their stay.

Security and disinfection elements for clients. Access to hand sanitizer, face mask and gloves during their stay.

Protection of our staff. All our collaborators have access to the necessary material to do their job with all the sanitary guarantees.

Mandatory equipment for providers. All the providers that enter the hotel follow the necessary safety measures.

  • Air and water purification protocols.

We apply the strictest standards of purification and disinfection of the heating and ventilation systems, as well as the water purification.

Air quality. We increased the frequency of the inspections of the ventilation systems and the decontamination protocols.

Water disinfection. We follow the disinfection standards of drinking water and sewage water protocols.

Fountains. We apply new sanitation protocols more frequently.

  • Advisory Services with Connection to Health Institutions.

We offer our clients an online advisory service to visit the destinations in a safe manner.

Information of health institutions. We include contact information of hospitals and drugstores in the city.

Transportation and deliveries options. With recommendations based on safety measures adapted to local recommendations.

Services available at the hotel. We have availability of protective equipment 24/7.

  • Safety and health protocols in our hotel.

For added safety, “With the care to take care of you”, we protect our staff complying with the health requirements to in order to work safely.

Daily checkups. The hotel collaborators are checked every day, before and after their workday.

Early detection protocols.  We have plans of action in case of identifying possible cases in our guests, clients, collaborators and providers, applying the isolation protocols, protection material, contact with medical services and logistics.

Specific formation of the hotel collaborators. We apply protocols and safety practices adapted to the health regulations and guidelines.

  • Health Keepers Committee.

We have a health safety team in the hotel, experts in the implementation of new measures and in the formation of every collaborator of the hotel.

Measures implementation. Takes care of implementing continuously the necessary safety measures.

Formation of collaborators. We train all of the hotel staff in the necessary procedures to protect other collaborators, guests, clients and providers.

Efficacy responsible. Takes care of applying the highest level of eco responsibility in all the new practices.

  • Certified Alliances.

Get to know the brands that work with Horizon Hotel & Convention Center; we have the best certified providers to offer a pleasant and safe experience in every visit.

We have chosen the experts in the security and hygiene sector. Those who have the awards and certifications that the Health and Safety regulations ask for. We invite you to know each of them.

HomeCare de Mexico, a 100% Mexican company founded in 1969 with presence in over 30 countries, certified under the international norm ISO 9001-2008. They create biodegradable products for institutional and industrial cleaning. Learn more: swipe.com.mx 

Maltos Cleaning Solutions. Authorized distributor of HomeCare de Mexico for Michoacan. Supporting local companies, this is a Michoacan company with over 20 years in the market. It distributes all the cleaning products that HomeCare de Mexico produces. Learn more: Facebook: @swipemorelia

KEY is a 100% Mexican company with over 50 years of experience in the cleaning, hygiene, maintenance and disinfection of spaces industry. Complying with world-class standards of cleanliness such as SERVSAFE® and DISTINTIVO H. Learn more: key.com.mx

DiverseyTM is a world-class company with 94 years of experience and knowledge developing cleaning technologies, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene in a sustainable environment. Learn more: diversey.com